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Holiday Ahhs: Deck the Dolls {Gift Guide}

as if there aren't enough gift guides out there...i can't help myself and put some together. starting off with cuddly friends. 

this season there are so many unique dolls in stores. land of nod collaborated with craftspeople this season to bring a huge collection of fun dolls--although none are featured below. here are some of my favorites for boys (yes, boys!) and girls...
1. lucky boy sunday bow jovi doll (scandinavian minimall) 2. polka dot cat (yada yada) 3. handmade kenyan bears (sweet william) 4. le train fantome doll (sweet william) 5. lucky boy sunday bon bon (shak-shuka) 6. mimi kirchner fox girl 7. fournier pirate pillow 8. corby tindersticks (shak-shuka)

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