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Holiday Fashion Coos: Bootie-licious Baby

it doesn't matter if this is your first baby or your seventh, right about now is when you spend half your waking hours trying to keep that little bundle of joy...well...bundled. nothing is more tricky than those tiny feet--babies are like freaking mini houdinis when it comes to footwear! they can kick off a pair of mary janes in no time! here are some sweet things to keep those little legs and tootsies toasty.
1. oeuf welcome booties 2. cabbages & kings leg warmers 3. misha + puff socks (sweet william) 4. gallucci turnovers (smallable) 5. tane organics booties 6. esencia classic booties (scandinavian mini mall)

7. petit nord lambskin shoe (yada yada) 8. supernana grey slippers (shak-shuka) 9. fellhof boots (thumbeline) 10. fournier snowflake booties 11. lilly marthe ebener booties 12. h-luv bootie

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