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What We Wear: Lotiekids

every once in awhile a product comes along that frustrates me. there are limits to this digital realm. so much is lost through reproduction, pixels, posting and megabytes. understated is often hard to convey.

the barcelona-based label lotiekids creates such products. subtle. soft. warm. each piece is made of the most unprecedented quality. the kind of quality that only the human eye and hand can really unlock its truth. the collection is comprised of small batches of hand-printed basic pieces for infants and children. full of rich muted colors and creative yet simple prints like origami elephants, fish, bicycles and tiny victorian houses.

i am looking forward to seeing more from this brand. i also have to note that they are the most lovely people.
: : shop lotiekids


  1. What a handsome baby and what a nice clothes!

  2. Thanks a lot Amanda for the nice words about us, we're really happy to be at your blog!

  3. good thing i haven't met your baby. it'd be hard for me not to take a bite out of her.


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