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Ahhs: Aden + Anais Easy Swaddle

i feel like i need to start a new guide of awesome-stuff-that-wasn't-available-the-first-time-you-were-pregnant. these new muslin swaddle wraps from aden + anais firmly fall into this category. how many bewildered nights did you try to get that muslin swaddle just right? well, now you can just tuck your bub into the soft pocket of the easy swaddle and presto! shop aden + anais easy swaddles


  1. www.snoozieandmoose.comFebruary 14, 2013 at 10:04 PM

    I think this would be a perfect addition too our baby boy's collection!

  2. I want another baby just so I can use this....I was rubbish at swaddling!


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