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Ahhs: New Ergobaby Travel Carrier

i feel like the trick to parenting is to be prepared for any situation. when i go out i always pack my ergo and bjorn in the stroller. you just never know if baby will want to sleep in the stroller, look around in the bjorn, or need to nurse on the go in the ergo. so when i saw that ergobaby came out with a new travel version of the classic carrier i was thrilled.

the travel ergo is made from lightweight 100% recycled material and lined with padded cotton just like the original. it comes packed in a pouch about the size of a clutch. open it up and out comes the carrier transformer-style--it is really remarkable! otherwise the travel version has all the same features and comfort as it's big sister with a bonus extra large front pocket and sleek little sleeve to hide the the sleeping hood. perfect for traveling across oceans or just to the park. shop ergobaby travel carriers and check out this video on how it folds.


  1. love this! totally gonna get one when i come home....

  2. I have been wishing my ergo could fold up just like looks so much slicker too, another thing I was wishing for. I guess it takes time to refine that super useful but very messy looking original. sigh...another item on my wishlist.

  3. Jessica @ Team WikingJanuary 28, 2013 at 11:22 PM

    I am about 900% sure that I need this now. I have the organic chocolate brown one and used to use it all the time before my LO decided he was ok with the stroller. I still use it now when I don't have room for a stroller or want him closer to me. He always prefers to face me instead of being on my back.

  4. Cute blog! I have an ergobaby carrier and it saves my back from the weight of my son- it's an awesome carrier=)


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