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Ahhs: Wittlebee Clothing Club

now this is an interesting concept: never shopping for kids clothes again! this will either sound like a dream come true or make your hair stand up on end. i am the later.

wittlebee clothing club is a monthly subscription service where you get a box of clothes tailored for your child. all you do is sign up and add a few preferences on color and style then every month you get a surprise selection of high quality kids clothes for around six dollars an item--not a half bad deal!

wittlebee sent me a sample box and although i am very picky about my kids clothing, i was surprised to find a range of basics like american apparel and tea collection, as well as the super soft eco-bamboo brand kicky pants (pictured). i love the element of surprise, but, for me, i get too much pleasure hunting down clothing for my kids. i may be a litte nuts. learn more about wittlebee


  1. I've used them for awhile now and my box has been paused since the last box I received was clothes I'd rather donate than put on my baby. :( They are working on one that is more tailored for high end goods where you can pick some of what you receive.

  2. i heard there is a forum to trade stuff you don't like too. i think it's tuff considering how style/design focused moms are these days.

  3. Sounds like an good concept but I probably wouldn't go for it. Too picky. However, I must say that this photo of A in her kicky pants could sell a million subscriptions.

  4. Wittlebee members who actually pay $40 per month for a subscription do not receive such nice boxes. My boxes have been full of clearance rack items, no name poor quality brands like Laughing Giraffe and Strawberry, mismatched items that we will never be able to use, incorrect sizes, items for boys (I have a girl), items stamped "sample", sleeveless items sent to MN in November.... It was a very disappointing experience.

    The nicest thing I ever received was a 2-piece Baby Lulu outfit that was on sale on Zulily for $14.99 when I received it. We've used several of the basics they sent too, but I can get those myself for the same price online. I have a pile of UGLY stuff that I can't even give away to friends and family. It's all in a box to go to goodwill now.

  5. Thanks for this Jen! How terrible! Sounds like they need to have more of a curated selection not just a grab bag from TJ Max. I hope you got your money back.


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