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Ahhs: Little Duck Organics Snacks

they may be called tiny, but don't be fooled, these snacks are creating quite a stir in our home! tiny fruits from little duck organics (a.k.a. "yummy duckies" as my son refers to them) are seriously delicious and healthy snacks for babies and toddlers.

tiny fruits are simple, wholesome combinations of dried fruit. small enough for my eight-month-old to enjoy and tasty enough for my three-year-old to hoard.

i love that little duck resisted trendy combinations and just went for classic flavors that kids love like apple/banana, strawberry/mango, and, my favorite, pineapple/mango. everything is sugar and gmo-free and, of course, organic. the sweetest part? little duck was started by a dad looking to give his girls a snack that wasn't loaded with junk--how heartwarming is that! learn more at little duck organics

now some words from the official coos & ahhs tastetester....(working in his pajamas like a good blogger)

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  1. yummers! now off to get that boy his own blog.....#WWHW


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