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Ahhs: The Spuni Spoon

i have always just accepted that feeding an infant is messy business. little did i know the spoon was at least part to blame, that is, until the spuni landed on my doorstep.

a couple of smarty pants from mit got together to design a better infant spoon. after a lot of testing, they came up with a design that works with the way babies naturally eat solid food: sucking!

the spuni guys sent over a lovely orange wood prototype (made right here in brooklyn) for me to "taste dive" (sorry, couldn't help myself). the key to the design is the "tulip leaf" profile or the lip at the base of the spoon. it fits perfectly into a baby's mouth, so she can suck the food in without getting it everywhere.

the other key to the spuni is the size. the shallow bowl on the spuni keeps the feeder in check and allows for each bite to actually go in the mouth and not all over the place. i did find if i got greedy and overfilled the bowl, it would start to get messy. 

spuni is currently in production, the mass-market spoons will come in a colorful bpa-pvc free plastic material (TPE to be exact) and will be available beginning in may. without a doubt the spuni is the best baby spoon i have used. get spuni to learn more.


  1. i think they are doing a limited edition of the wood. i agree, super classic.

  2. I love all the colored ones myself :) tried one at the launch party last night, baby didn't cooperate though...


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