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Fashion Coos: Moc Me

photo by heather mildenstein 
sometimes i feel like i am living in a cave, but suddenly i have been seeing these adorable moccasins for babies popping up everywhere and i absolutely love them. freshly picked mocs come in a rainbow of  stylish colors; they are handmade from leather; and have a super simple design that apparently just slips on and stays on. shop freshly picked moccasins


  1. Jessica @ Team WikingFebruary 19, 2013 at 1:46 AM

    I just picked up a pair for Søren during their Valentines day sale and I am so antsy (see also excited) to get them in the mail. His shoes NEVER stay on and he has 'fat' feet so I'm hoping these will just go on and stay, lol.

  2. We swear by Freshly Picked moccs! Both my kids have worn them. The best baby/toddler shoe around!


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