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What We Wear: Serena & Lily

i recently stumbled upon a blog that has a similar column as this one...with a very similar title. i felt really silly since the the blog has been doing their column for quite some time. do i stop? do i write the blogger and apologize? not sure. for now i am pushing on because even though it's the same concept they are very different. i write what we wear because i want to share the brands that my kids sleep, eat and poop in.

i've posted a bit on the serena & lily/ hanna andersson collaboration. it is as brilliant as it sounds. my daughter lives in her onesie by them. hanna andersson has a well deserved rep for extremely high quality clothing. it's true, but the design/style has never been up my alley. enter serena & lily to give it the cool factor. one of my favorite details of this onesie is there are two rows of snaps on the crotch so you get some extra milage out it! serena & lily

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  1. Everyone at some point ends up crossing blog long as you're staying true to you then you know you're not a copycat. Kind of a chicken and egg thing and I love reading what your chickies are wearing!!! xxx


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