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Adorn: My Roots Collection

my parents are first generation immigrants from korea, and my husband's parents are first generation immigrants from russia. inevitably, this is going to make for one culturally mixed(up) kid! one day, we hope to take him to both motherlands, but until he's old enough to really appreciate those trips, these posters from the my roots collection at children inspire design, designed by rebecca peragine, are the perfect way to kick start the conversation about where he comes from.  i can imagine tracing the difficult path each set of grandparents took to get to where our family is today, and hey, did you guys read this new york times article about how knowing where a child's family comes from makes him better at facing challenges?  what better way to illustrate that history while creating a strong-minded individual!

the my roots collection includes a world map, state maps, or maps by continent or country and includes a number of heart stickers to place where appropriate.

it's a great geography and history lesson while also being a nicely designed, unique item to add to your kid's room decor.  

made with new leaf recycled card stock, soy ink and packaged in recycled/biodegradable materials. you can choose from either blue, pink or clay. get it here.

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