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Ahhs: Momma Sippy Cups

sometimes i write these ahhs and i am like "ugh, these are not pinterest worthy posts," but i imagine most parents who read this blog don't sit around all day making washi tape creatures and color coding their bookshelves. we need to know some practical stuff too! it's after the kids go to sleep, we plaster our homes with washitape and pom poms. (ha.ha!)

i couldn't resist posting on these fun sippy cups from lansinoh. the momma cup has a unique bulbous shape that holds a lot more liquid than you'd think without making the cup cumbersome for little hands. the added bonus is the cup tips around on its base, so it seconds as toy, which comes in handy when mommy and daddy are trying to sneak in a nice dinner out. they have both straw and sippy cup versions. shop momma cups on amazon

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