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Grasshopper Shop Giveaway: Good Things for Boys + Girls {CLOSED}

***congratz to the winners anchorandhoney and shiho***

it's been a while since we've offered a giveaway around here, so it's your lucky day dear readers!

grasshopper is a wonderful children's store based in portland, oregon. they carry a great selection of american-made labels, soft, organic clothing, and non-toxic toys that are fun and intriguing for kids, and for the adults (admit it, the most important part) are very pleasing to the eye. seriously, i would welcome any of the items they carry to be strewn across my living room floor!

we love grasshopper and everything they offer, and we want to share their awesomeness with you, so they put together a little sumthin' sumthin' we think you and your kids will love.

seedling's good things for boys

seedling's good things for girls

what you will win: either a boy or a girl sets of good things (two winners)

how to enter:  leave a comment about any of the items and why you think your kid, or your friend's kids would like it (1 entry - mandatory)

additional entries:  
-follow coos & ahhs on facebook and leave a comment here letting us know you did (1 additional entry).  
-share the giveaway on facebook and leave a comment here letting us know you did (1 additional entry)
-follow grasshopper store on facebook and leave a comment here letting us know you did (1 additional entry).  
-follow coos & ahhs on twitter and leave a comment here letting us know you did (1 additional entry).

open to united states residence only (sorry). the winner will be chosen at random after close of giveaway at 9am est on tuesday, april 2, 2013.


  1. I would really love to win this for my little boy! Boats and playing cards are two of his current obsessions and since I am on my way to the hospital to have his baby sister a handsome little box of distractions like this one is exactly what he needs.

  2. I'd love to win the girl one. My girl is starting to learn how to knit and crochet.

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  6. I shared the giveaway on facebook

  7. Phoebe has been pretending to knit with pencils and scraps for long enough. time to get her kitted up. I have a US address if i get lucky!!!

  8. pretty sure my daughter would swoon over that jumprope!

  9. I would love to win a set for boys! My son would love those knitted balls since he is obsessed with any balls :)

  10. Hi there,

    I read your blog faithfully and love that you do giveaways. Your style is impeccable, and I appreciate all the research and care that goes into every post. Truth be told, your blog helped me to embrace the strange new world that having a boy meant for me when I was expecting my son, now one year old.

    Still, I can't help but commenting on the implication that handing a child a package labeled "good things for boys/girls" holds. There is power in our words and we must use it responsibly. Gender roles have been handed down through the generations through messages both implicit and explicit. Though certainly I am no zealot, I do my absolute best to create as few expectations for my boy as possible by way of interests and activities typically introduced as masculine. I know you love pink for your little guy; mine's signature color is purple.

    With this in mind, I want to register my concern at letting on to our little ones, so influenceable at this tender age, that we, as their most important adults, believe that knitting is for girls, or hacky sack is for boys, for example.

    I hope this is read as simply a gentle reminder to take care and consideration :)

    All the best,

    Preschool Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

  11. Dear L.A.

    Thank you for your comment and for reading this blog over the years. It means so much to hear from readers. I actually had the same thought when I was photographing this product. It doesn't offend me, but I certainly see your point.

    I think Seedling is going for an old-fashion wholesome approach. The company makes great products that foster imagination and creativity.

    It is a tough issue...where to draw the line? and when to give in? And know, I would give my son the box for girls, if I thought he'd like it better.

    Hope to see our pink and purple guys proudly knitting away in the future. Please, always keep me on my toes. Warmest. Amanda

  12. my next question is: where do you teach and can we get in!!?? :)

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