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A Good Place

every once in awhile i like to pull the computer up close and talk about my life here. i get a lot of mail asking what life is like in the city with two kids. i always say it's hard and it has been a really difficult year for me and my husband. we both work full-time (plus i run this blog) and pretty much tag-team parent throughout the week--meaning one of us has both kids solo. 

my daughter is coming up on one-year (already!) and i feel like we are just getting our heads out of the water. a lot of it has to do with our kids being in a fun place now. they play together and on their own. like here, my son is really getting into coloring. i know a lot of mama readers are thinking about number two and i have to say it isn't easy, but gosh, soooo worth it.

also i thought it would be fun to show a little craziness of my home. i might start a tumblr on the real lives of bloggers. (ha! ha!)  have great week. and enter our plated giveaway or else! and i have a big announcement this week... (no. not pregnant)

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