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Ahhs: Attention Babies! Breakfast Just Got Tastier

in the landscape of baby cereal, things have been pretty bland for a long time. (i actually almost never give my babies cereal since it usually tastes like nothing.) then comes along little duck organics, i guess since they are the new chicks on the block they are trying to impress everyone with their deliciousness. well, it's working! 

might oats is a mix of ancient grains: quinoa, chia, buckwheat, oats and millet with organic freeze-dried fruit in tasty combinations like coconut/banana and strawberry/vanilla. making for a really flavorful and wholesome baby food isn't enough for the show-offs over at little duck, they had to make their packaging work just as hard as what is inside. in an innovative zero-waste design, the cups are completely biodegradeable and the cardboard wrap around the cups has seeds (tomatoes, carrots, lettuce) imbedded in it, which can be planted when you are done! learn more about little duck organics.

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  1. CoooooOoooOoooL! Thanks for yet another rad post. You seriously are THE BEST! xo, Gillian @ Little Duck Organics


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