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Ahhs: Fashionable Spring and Summer Wraps

it's hard to believe that babywearing has only become a practice embraced in this country sort of recently.  i remember all the old korean grandmas at church strapping their grandkids on their backs and tying blankets around them to secure them.  it was a much bulkier operation than it is these days with all the great wrap options out there.

these woven wraps by girasol really stand out.  made from 100% cotton, handwoven in guatemala, they have a soft, flannel feel and are made with environmentally friendly methods and are free of dangerous toxins.  they also come in five standard sizes, so if you're petite like me, you can get a smaller size and skip the wrangling of yards and yards of extra fabric.  
get the girasol wraps here and here.

and perfect for summer, these ellaroo wraps are divine!  these are also made from handwoven guatemalan fabric, but in a lightweight, airy cotton.  babywearing in the summertime is a whole other ballgame, especially in the suffocating humidity of new york schweaty, but with these gorgeous, finespun wraps, both mommy and baby can breathe easy.  get the ellaroo wraps here.

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