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Ahhs: Potty Training, I Wish it Was Black & White

we have been at this way too long.

if you follow me on instagram, you feel my pain. i have gotten tons of thoughtful advice from other moms on facebook, twitter, and in playgroups. we have tried it all. yet, here we are, closing in on four years old and still the potty is the enemy. zero progress.

my friends at baby bjorn, either by coincidence or just plain thoughtfulness, sent me one of their potty seats and steps to try out. i was thinking, "okay, i'll give this a go, but we have tired a lot of different potty seats already."

when the bjorn toilet trainer and safety step arrived, i waited for my son to open it up when he got home--building excitement here--he was excited, but didn't want to get on it immediately. next day we gave it a try and he liked it! but let me stop myself here, i could write a novel on the ups and downs of this process.

we have had some progress with the new seat and that is great, but i want to get down to brass tacks here. this is the potty set-up to get and i will tell you why:

1. it's black and white (thank you baby bjorn!) no tacky colors.
2. the seat is thin, light, adjustable and fits perfectly on my toilet
3. the matching step allows for the little one to have some independence--we set ours up and hope for the best!
4. we use the bjorn potty seat too (the little ones that sit on the floor) and my son likes it as well, but we have an issue with keeping the pee in the potty, which we do not have with the toilet trainer.

if you have been following this blog for awhile, you know i have been testing out potty equipment for some time and, so far, the toilet trainer and step are my numero uno in the pee pee department. oh the glamour of being a parent! get toilet trainer and safety step here and here.

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  1. Could not agree more. We have this same set and it is perfect.


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