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Fashion Coos: Little Creative Factory

i am not sure if it's me or the designs, but i am swimwear crazed this season! the spring collection from little creative factory, a new-spanish brand, is channeling a vintage-euro look that is both super chic, but practical--hello sunhat!

these pieces make me want to style a summer photo shoot--i love the unisex mix-and-match! everything is produced in barcleona in small batches, so pieces are limited edition--something lcf is calling "slow manufacturing". shop little creative factory at sweet william or visit their website here.

a funny sidebar to this post is that last summer i was on the train carrying my playtime new york (the kid's fashion trade show) tote and a women started talking to me, asking me about the show and if i owned a store, etc. etc. she was lovely and we ended up exchanging cards. time passed and not until i was at playtime again this spring that we ran into each other again, did it all come together.  it took us a minute to place one another, but it was really great to see cristina and the spring collection is adorable.

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