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Ahhs: Baby Shower Gift Bundle from YadaYada

there must be something in the water over here.  i am surrounded by pregos, and i am no exception!  with all the baby showers i've attended recently and a few more this summer, i've got baby gifts on the babybrain.  and yadayada (awesome name, huh?!), has the loveliest selection of clothes, accessories, toys and decor -- all worth nabbing up.  here's a round up of some of my faves.

i may just have to get that mobile for baby #2.  shop yadayada.


  1. Unique!

  2. Ha ha. I know three friends who are expecting and just want to thank you for suggesting Yadayada. There clothes are sure very cute, like their name. I was looking for other similar products for gifting my friends and colleagues and found this link very useful hope that it helps you out too.


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