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Books to Coo About: This Little Piggie

i am super excited to share this new book by tim harrington, whom you may know from his stage diving antics as the unforgettable front man of indie rock band les savy fav. besides being a rockstar, he also happens to be a father to two adorable boys, and just to put the icing on the cool dad cake, tim penned and illustrated this new book about the piggies. you know, your toes!

while the piggies are engaged in such mundane tasks as going to the market and eating roast beef, this imaginative book takes a look at what the other piggies are doing, and boy is it cool! 
the other piggies get to play drums,  ride on space ships, have a costume party and much more.
this new take on a classic will instantly capture your little one's attention and they will be giggling their way through the pages--straight to bed time! buy this little piggie on books to coo about.

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  1. Nchebe Hinata-sama Igbo-ObiakoJune 5, 2013 at 8:27 AM

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