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Fashion Coos: Girlie Summer Goodness from Misha Lulu

misha lulu is a la-based children's wear brand for girls--and soon for boys! i met the husband and wife team this spring at playtime and i instantly fell head-over-heels for their vintage inspired designs. 
the spring collection features sweet nostalgic dresses, skirts, tees, tanks and shorts for little ladies. the handmade pieces feature prints and pattern galore: mix-and-match bright gingham with a clucky chicken graphic or a stripy dress with a an all-over print tee--these could be plucked out of a 1950s children's book. needless to say, these clothes are fun. and it doesn't stop there, misha lulu teamed up with hello kitty to create a capsule collection featuring my favorite kawaii kitty. see more at misha lulu

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