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Ahhs: Get Carried Away with Boba

we are a baby carrying family. you may think oh how very attached of us. yes, we follow attached parenting, but not necessarily because it is the "right" thing to do, for us it's easy. i think our brand is more like lazy parenting. we let our kids sleep in our bed because we rather gets some z's ourselves than try a sleep technique. (although, i do constantly complain about having a baby in my bed. haha!) we wear our kids because it is often the easiest solution. living in the city dealing with stairs, stoops and subways...wearing your children can be the best way to get around. 

i just spent the last month testing out the boba 3g carrier. the 3g looks like a streamlined ergo with some nice added features. like the ergo it has a front and backpack position, similar clips, overall structure and  you can carry a newborn (no infant insert needed here!) up to a 45-pounder.

then the boba goes rouge... the simple clean design doesn't have a lot hanging straps and flaps, the body of the 3g is wider and deep and the baby really fits in it well. for example the fabric comes up higher than other carriers so the baby's head is supported--no more dangling head! it also has a sleeping hood that is stowed in a pocket, innovative stirrups to support older children's feet and an accessible zipper pocket. i could carry my daughter around all day and we were both comfortable--very easy to breastfeed on the go too. we are converted! learn more about the boba family of carriers

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