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Fashion Coos: Latest Looks from Baobab

it's no secret around these parts that we garner a lot of our kids fashion inspiration from european brands.  but i think it's time we take a moment and give a shout out to our aussie friends because you guys are rolling out just as creative and crave-worthy looks for the little ones.  take this gem, baobab, for instance.

baobab owner/designer/mom belinda blooman (watch out, triple threat!) is based in australia, and the clothing is made in india from organic fabrics.  and while the pieces are designed to be comfortable enough for even your most active child to wear everyday, don't be mistaken, these are not your everyday designs.  and a huge bonus, a ton of the clothes are unisex too.  i would be happy to fill my kid's closet with every single piece from this brand.  shop baobab (and be sure to check out the killer sale section too!)

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