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Fashion Coos: The Brief

i have a secret. my sweet little henry--who isn't so little-- is just potty training now! well, after almost two years of starts and stops, a move, a baby, preschool, and lots of reluctance on his part, we ended up with an almost four year in diapers. (big sigh) mamas, when people say, "just wait for him to ready" please know he may never be ready-ready. so after a pediatrician recommended break of a month, this weekend i went all in. no more diapers. it has been over 48 hours and we have had lots of ups and downs, mostly downs, but we are staying positive. i am so proud of his successes it brings a tear to my eye. 

so i thought this is an occasion to round-up some of my very favorite little boy's undies...nothing cuter than those buns in briefs and boxers.
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  1. Well done HH and Amanda!

  2. Wow! 4 years means a lot of should buy them all now!


  3. Oh the potty 5 year old was 3 when we finally got him potty trained and it only happened when he started going to Mother's Day Out at a local church twice a week. He saw the other kids his age going and wanted to be like them (peer pressure can be Now, I've got an 11-month old little boy and I'm dreading the potty training stage. Congratulations to you for have the patience and sticking with it! You're little guy will get it!


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