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Adorn: A Black & White Nursery with Color All Over

what the WHAT it's august people!  no really, am i living in some alternate universe where the time space continuum moves at warp speed?  because let me tell you, i just entered my third trimester......[pause].......*slap me in the face* things just got serious.  (btw, this is cindy, not amanda.  i assure you, amanda is chillin' happy with her two beautiful kids and is not adding to the de beaufort clan.  although, wouldn't that be awesome?!) 

so it's time to think about decorating that nursery!  since we moved a month ago, the new baby room has been demoted to storage room.  this is not ok.  not at 7 months large.  i'm always a huge fan of black and white palettes, but i also can't resist color, so in my quest to put together the perfect space for this nameless child (we can come back to this later), here's what i've come up with: my ideal mostly black and white nursery.  want to share your favorite nursery finds?  feel free to comment.

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p.s. i'm also taking any and all suggestions for boy names, please and thank you.

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