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Fashion Coos: Franky Grow

i suppose you could say that when it comes to kids clothing, i'm what you call fashion bipolar.  while i love classic, sophisticated looks that are often employed by french lines like bonpoint and eponime, i also love the complete opposite side of the spectrum:  the wild, colorful designs that conjure unbridled fun from japanese designers like this absolute gem i recently came across from franky grow.  it's jeykll and hyde up in hurr! 

franky grow is straight up amazeballs.  it doesn't get more fun than this, with the neon candy-coated color palette, stripes, polka dots and blousy tailoring.  doesn't it just make you want to jump around!  jump around!  jump up, jump up and get down!  so...i'm pretty sure they messed up my starbucks order and didn't give me decaf today.  anyway, you can shop the franky grow funtabulousness here and here.

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