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Fashion Coos: Modéerska Huset Fall/Winter 2013

my love affair with the swedish brand modéerska huset began a couple years ago and my obsession was strong and immediate - love at first sight.  modéerska huset has been my go-to for special baby gifts ever since!  i just can not get enough of the whimsical graphics that adorn each item of clothing and seem to tell a story.  each season is fresh with new and equally eye-catching prints, plus it's all made from 100% certified organic cotton. 

this season's prints are dedicated to the designer's father, who had a tame magpie growing up, loved astronomy, and traveled the world to photograph eclipses, which all makes for some really fun prints and a great new line.  shop the new line of modéerska huset and a few great items on sale from last season here.

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