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Fashion Coos: Sunuva Swimwear & More

there is something about summer and sleep that just feels so good to me. after a long day in the sun and sand, getting everyone bathed and in fresh pajamas is a such a joy. 

the designers at the uk-based sunuva must be sympatico because their beach-inspired collection takes kids from street to beach to bed! at the core of the range is an expansive line of uv-blocking swimwear in playful prints and shapes. you will love all the options in style and color for boys and girls including rash guards, shades and coordinating beachwear.

i got my hands on a little strawberry one-piece and a pair of the grandpa pjs (pictured)—i am constantly on the lookout for this style since you can hardly find them in the us anymore! i can attest to the high quality and spot on fit—the swimsuit has a nice balance of stretch, yet still thick and durable.

and the good news? sunuva ships worldwide and for u.s. customers free priority shipping on all orders! shop sunuva

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