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Ahhs: Partying with Cabbage and Fig

my little boy just turned four today! i can't believe he is growing up so fast... we had a wonderful pirate-themed bash this weekend and the very cool uk-based company cabbage and fig sent me a sample of their bespoke favor bags for the occasion.

what an amazing idea: custom-made gift bags with actual stuff you want to keep! parent's always complain about the plastic junk that comes in goodie bags, but kids always want it. cabbage and fig resolves the problem by designing unique gift bags tailored to your needs. the bags that owner victoria curates (yes, it is that arty!) are filled with handmade, vintage and one of a kind finds. parents might start fighting over these favors!

our bag was filled with an adorable hand-painted pirate from porter colline, a vintage treasure map, a sack of treasure and some sweet nautical buttons. learn more at cabbage and fig

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  1. Oh my gosh! I want that! How fun!


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