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Fashion Coos: Ella's Wool

some of you may be shedding a tear as summer comes to an end with visions of being cooped up in the house with overactive tots while the temperature plunges. ever wonder how those scandinavian families keep smiling with those endless dark winters? the secret is wool.

when norwegian mama vibeke johansen moved to new york she was perplexed by the empty playgrounds once the leaves fell off the trees. her children were getting their wiggles out while staying nice in toasty in a soft under layer of natural wool—the same way she  kept warm as a child growing up in oslo. she realized the us-market didn’t offer these simple layering pieces, so ella’s wool was born.

wool is one of mother natures super fibers. it is soft, highly breathable while keeping little ones super warm and naturally wicks moisture away from the skin. Ella’s wool stocks only the finest butter soft merino wool and cashmere designed in the chilliest of european countries. shop ella's wool

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