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Fashion Coos: Filemon Kid

i’m pretty sure the swedish label filemon kid has some garment fairies on staff because how else could they have dreamed up such colorful and interesting ideas for children’s wear? for example, the sweatsuit onesie—move over snuggie, this cozy get-up is both warm and stylish! toss (gently please) baby in this one-piece and he’ll he happy as a clam a parka.

or how about the reversible sweatshirt that will win over parents—hello? two tops for the price of one—and little ones with the neon animal-themed graphics and prints. not to mention the toasty factor. if you are sitting in your seat going, "oh yeah this sounds great," the clincher is everything is made from the rolls royce of organic cotton-- i’m talking gots certified people. lastly, but certainly not least, the whole collection is unisex. perfect for handmedowns! shop filemon kids

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