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Fashion Coos: Marie-Chantal

i am split when it comes to the kind of children’s clothing i am attracted to. on one hand, i love crazy prints, wild colors and oversized proportions that only children can pull off, then on the other hand, i have a weakness for the classic european look.

marie-chantal is one of those brands that gets to me--in a good way! the english-label is known for its high quality natural materials like wool, cashmere and pima cotton, but what i love most is the keen attention to styling and detail. the collection may look like mini versions of adult’s clothing, but it is far from it. each piece is tailored just right for little people, from the shape of the collars and little buttons on the boy’s button-up shirts to the romantic silhouettes of the dresses and blouses for girls. and there is still room for fun, the fall collection features torn-from-a-fairy-tale dresses and tops, toasty knits, and classic coats with pops of color and playful prints. s h o p  m a r i e – c h a n t a l

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