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Ahhs: Dining In with Skip Hop

as a blogger i am always searching wide and far for products and sometimes forget about the great stuff right under my nose--literally.

skip hop is a brand that we live with from breakfast to lunch to dinner--my children eat, play, bathe and sleep with their products. sometimes all at the same time. skip hop products are designed for kids, which sometimes can be a bad thing, but the designers at skip hop manage to find the balance between cute and modern in a way that appeals to all.

the skip hop line of zoo-themed plates, spoons, cups, bibs and lunch boxes overwhelm my kitchen. i like the sturdy quality of the plates and utensils, the simple design and easy to clean-ness of the bottles, and the lunch bags, well we have three and they are the prefect everything! s h o p  s k i p  h o p

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