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Fashion Coos: La-Di-Da Shop

i think we have established i have a shopping problem. so it will come as no surprise that i am totally obsessed with the us-based shop ladida. their expansive selection of children’s clothing will knock. your. socks. off. seriously. you will find the most sought after european brands like bonpoint, caramel, manuela de juan, emile et ida, liberty, le merchand detoile, louis louise and soooo many more. right now just about everything at ladida is 50%. you won't believe your eyes! they also have a brick and mortar shop in lakewood, nj.  s h o p  l a d i d a 

(adela is rocking the emile et ida mask slouchy pant ($19) and the le toit grey vest ($21)


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  1. Oh I love the dog in an aeroplane! How sweet! and the matching bedding is just too much! I am thinking of redesigning my boys room next year as they are getting older and my son would love this! Good job Ferm living!


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