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Fashion Coos: Ringing in the New Year Joyfolie

happy new year's eve! we will be staying in with the kids with lots of bubbles flowing (of course), but that doesn't mean we aren't going to get dressed up! adela is most certainly going to be rocking her joyfolie adele shoes (pictured).

if you haven't heard of joyfolie shoes, they look like the shoe section at anthropologie shrunken down for little ladies. turns out they make women's sizes too (double danger!) but these pretty party shoes are more than meets the eye! surprisingly durable, comfortable and practical for a dressy shoe. for example, i love that the ankle straps are secretly velcro. life. saver. another shocker, the company started by a mom with no fashion background who wanted to make a pair for her little girl. one thing led to another and boom! joyfolie!

a little gift to you: 40% off the entire site with code BIG40SALE. s h o p  j o y f o l i e

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