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Fashion Coos: Shades by Paxley

it might seem like a weird time of year to be posting on sunglasses, but in new york we have super sunny winters and the sun is so low in the sky for most of the day everyone is blinded. so i thought it would be nice to share these new affordable (forty bucks) shades for kids with you. 

paxley infant and toddler glasses feature a lightweight flexible frame--so little ones can have their way with them; a rubberized bridge--so they stay put; and 100% uv protection for those tender little eyes. oh and they are handcrafted in italy and come in a great selection of styles and colors! it was no wonder that they are designed in sunny california. we are smitten.
s h o p  p a x l e y

adela is wearing the larchmont in plum and henry is in the pico in light grey. theses kids have never looked cooler and i have to say, to my surprise, they liked wearing them a lot!

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  1. Love! We were just talking about getting our boy some sunglasses. These are great! Thanks for sharing.


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