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Adorn: Hidden in Plain Sight!

i am chugging along through january--spirits mostly up. although, i still haven't made any headway in my toy organization battle, but a trip to the container store next week should do it. 

in my life there are two types of storage: the kind that is super functional and goes in a closet and never stays organized cuz i get lazy; and the cute bins tucked in corners and on bookshelves that you can just throw whatever is laying around in...these work best for me! 
la cerise sur le g√Ęteau cotton storage baskets come in three sizes and washable. get at molly-meg 

adonde octa boxes are too cool. you can stack and alter the shape! buy at smallable or hop a plane to france!
these cheap little baskets from ikea look like they would have a lot of different uses--maybe not sturdy enough for toys, but great for hats, mittens, etc. buy at ikea
these are the sweetest by mimi'lou. get at mimi'lou

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