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Ahhs: Sarah Sloboda Photography

we had the pleasure of booking another shoot with the family photographer sarah sloboda over the holiday break. she photographed us right when adela was born and we were really happy with the pix.

we headed down to dumbo a couple of weeks ago to take some new photos. when we arrived the weather was way colder and cloudy than was forecasted and the spot that we had both agreed on for the shoot was under construction. so out of the gate things were not going our way. we found an alternate location and sarah clicked away. but she didn't have much time before the cold and tiredness took over the kids and it was over. sarah took it all in stride and her easy temperament made even a difficult shoot seem okay. as we departed over tears and screams (the kids, not us!) i wondered if she'd even get anything usable. i think these pictures show what a pro she is... we couldn't he more pleased with them.

sarah is booking in colorado, kansas city and las vegas this week, then los angeles the rest of the winter. she is crisscrossing the us all the time, so reach out to see when she's in new york next--which is often. learn more h e r e.

photo of sarah sloboda by nic wassell

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