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Books to Coo About: Recipe

i am just starting to come out of my holiday coma--sorry it's been a bit sparse here with the posting.

once the cold sets in i just hole up and endlessly play candy crush while my kids destroy the apartment. (model parenting here.) every now and then i do get motivated to set-up an art project or cook with the kids, but books are great for long days stuck inside...

my four-year old is super into cooking these days and this great book by the petrella sisters is on heavy rotation in our household these days. we love how kristen's mom lets her little imagination go wild in the kitchen. hot dogs, marshmallows, horsemeat-substitute, and a water pistol, are just a few of the ingredients in recipe. the end result gets whacked up with bats and fed to the raccoons. awesome! the illustrations are fantastic and will bring a burst of color into a dreary winter day cooped up at home. b u y  r e c i p e  h e r e

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