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Crafty Coos: Fabric Paint + Time

yup. i am doing it. i am doing a crafty post. the thing is i am a super crafty person, but ever since the kids entered the picture, i've had zero time for it. and the whole photographing as you go is tricky. my hats off to all the bloggers that do it weekly. so i've had a thousand crafty posts in my head for ages and i am just going to try to post a few--like one a month.

the easier the project the better--i apologize in advance if this is lame. so this one is taking old tees, onesies, etc. that have stains or are just boring and jazzing them up with a little fabric paint. 

all you need is:

+ratty clothes-- you won't be upset if you mess-up
+a jar of textile paint--i like black
+paint brush
+stamps, pencil eraser, etc if free-handing aint your thing
+time- 15-20 mins, plus drying time

i gave this american apparel dress a second life with a motif of apple silhouettes.

this snoresville petite bateau tank now has a fun summer watermelon graphic


  1. oh my goodness! inspired over here. I'm going to do this. how many times I've told my husband, remind me never to buy our son white/cream clothing, now I can revive them!

  2. i would buy both of these and am hoping i inherit them.

  3. I chuckle everytime you use the word snoresville


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