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Fashion Coos: Arrows from Lötiekids

move over katniss everdeen there is a new warrior in town! the latest collection from lötiekids will have all you hunger games fans a-drooling.

i have posted a lot on the spanish label lötiekids. i admire their approach: they make small batches of unique high-quality basic pieces and every season they add a new print-- this season it's arrows and slingshots hence the hunger games reference. the super simple and sweet prints had me hook-line-and-sinker (or should i say, shot through the heart?) with their first collection, but after wearing, washing and playing in these pieces for the past year, i can say with confidence the fabric is amazing. right off the rack the cotton blend feels like your favorite broken-in tee shirt, with a touch of stretch and a lot of durability. i can't wait to see what is next from this growing independent company. s h o p  l ö t i e k i d s

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