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Fashion Coos: ++Cool Slippers

if you don't know the french slipper brand collegien, don't feel bad, they are difficult to find in the states...and last i checked the website, they don't ship here either! i do find my ways to get them because they are hands down the. best. slippers. ever. and now just to be cocky, they teamed up with the ultimate cool kids brand nununu to launch a capsule collection.
n u n u n u  +  c o l l e g i e n


  1. I love the subtle ballerina look and can totally relate to what you said about letting the girly flag fly after first having a boy. I made a big fuss over dressing our son "gender neutral" in the beginning and swore i wouldn't put anything pink on our daughter, but somehow I've turned into a pink and floral obsessive! We don't go over the top and no princess stuff (yet) but there is definitely room for traditionally feminine pieces in a modern girl's wardrobe :) xx

  2. i know! when i pregnant i was like i am not doing pink for her---and now I am all about it (in moderation). but then again, i am pretty girlie dresser :)


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