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Fashion Coos: Goat-Milk Lower Prices!

i rarely post newsy stuff here but this is a good one. one of my favorite brands goat-milk has just lowered their prices! why? well they are growing (did you know they have a brick and mortar shop in the east village?) and are now able to produce larger quantities meaning cheaper production costs and instead of pocketing the difference they are passing the savings on to the consumer. pretty sweet. 

over the years many friends have asked about goat-milk "is it really worth the price...for underwear?" i always say "yes" because i do believe in quality and once you get to size 2 my kids can wear stuff for several seasons--my whole price-per-wear rule. i love to see the prices coming down and making an amazing organic brand more accessible. s h o p  g o a t - m i l k (free shipping on domestic orders)

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