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Fashion Coos: Hunter Baby

well, it's been a while since i've posted since i've recently been overcome by newborn spit up, toddler tantrums and sleep deprivation.  but i'm back!  and happy to introduce you all to hunter baby, an australian brand that makes adorable newborn and baby boyswear -- onesies, playsuits and leggings -- that appear basic at first but then you notice bright little details like elbow patches and multi-colored buttons that give the line that little something special.

it's all made of the softest cotton and with great quality construction you can feel as you pull baby's little arms through the sleeves.  the snaps are sturdier than all the other onesies in roman's drawer, and i've already put it through the wash several times (had forgotten what those blow outs are like!) and it's remained just as vibrant as the first wear.  s h o p  h u n t e r  b a b y

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