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Fashion Coos: Paddington Bear for babyGap

ahhhhhhhhh!!  listen up, you guys.  babygap is launching a collection inspired by paddington bear, our favorite duffle-coated, english storybook bear.  this is the best partnership since peanut butter and chocolate.  no, no.  since ryan gosling and rachel mcadams!  it just works.

paddington bear stories were some of my favorites growing up.  and the only reason i ever agreed to try marmalade was because paddington's love of marmalade sandwiches made it ok.  this collection brings back so much nostalgia, and from a fashion angle, it's all on point!  the color block sweater and polka dot poncho could not be more perfect!  the paddington bear collection for babygap will be available in stores and online beginning thursday, jan 23.  s h o p b a b y g a p


  1. Southern Cali in the 70s - they look bored without their skate boards.


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