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Adorn: Kid's Room Update!

 feels like yesterday that i was setting up my first nursery for henry and adela. sigh.  the time has come for mr. henry to get a bigger bed. he loves his toddler bed, but half the time i find him hanging off the edge in the middle of the night. so i decided to bite the bullet and get bunk beds--it makes the most sense since the kids share a room and adela will grow out of her crib sooner than later. i am taking this occasion to update a few things and create more of a world for these little guys.

i wanted the beautiful creations by my friend heidi to be a major part of the new room. heidi's company h-luv fabrications makes little works of art-- almost to the point that i wouldn't say they are only for children. at the same time they capture the spirit of a soft, sweet, magical world where children's imaginations can flourish.  stay tuned for more updates and follow our instagram for behind the scenes.

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