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Adorn: Who's Got My Tail

when i was a kid, i can remember sitting through korean class every sunday before church learning the korean alphabet and practicing the language.  at the time i thought it was such a snorefest, but today i'm really glad that i can read and write korean even though i'm embarrassed to speak it since i so seldom use it.   now that i have my own kids and they're being raised in a bi-racial household, i'm feeling some pressure to pass on what little knowledge of korean i have so it doesn't completely disappear.

this adorable poster by artist hochan ki illustrating consonants from the korean alphabet is the perfect introduction to the written language, although i'm definitely going to have to ask my mom what the korean word for chipmunk is!  there's also a nice selection of other sweet (non korean) designs.  s h o p  w h o's  g o t  m y  t a i l

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