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Fashion Coos: My Little Square

i dress my children with the idea that i wouldn't put them in something that i wouldn't wear myself. that might sound crazy to some, but i don't think style is just for grown-ups--obviously :) the team at the global boutique my little square i am pretty sure share my philosophy. the france-based shop features a curated mix of big name and independent designers: beau loves, cocotruc (obsessed!!) april showers, wolf + rita and nice things mini, just to name a few. i also have to give them props for having a very well-designed online shop. i love the browsing feature. they ship worldwide with flat rate to the eu. 

in other news, my camera is finally fixed so i snapped a couple of miss adela in the anive for the minors tank from my little square. so adorable, but she is getting impossible to take photos of these days!


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