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Adorn: Atsuyo et Akiko

i haven't been making such a big deal about my kid's room update since it's going slow. i have about everything in play except the new bunk beds, which is essentially the big change. since the kid's are bigger i really wanted to bring in somethings that they love because to be honest they throw their lucky boy sunday pillows out of bed every night (too itchy says the four year-old).

so i looked to one of my favorite companies: astuyo et akiko. a few years back they collaborated with disney to create a line of tees and cushions with the classics: mikey, winnie, bambi, etc. and like everything these ladies touch, the series is pure gold.  i love that i can incorporate these characters into the new room without sacrificing any style.

the best part is these pillows are all 50% off on the site right now!!! i cannot wait to show you how gorgeous they look in the new room. you can tell from henry's face he is a fan or maybe it's just the leopard sweatshirt also from atsuyo et akiko.

shop a t s u y o  e t  a k i k o

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