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Ahhs: Littlest Crochet Shop

between gifts from well-meaning family members and hand-me-downs, we're pretty much knee deep in plastic toys over here -- and it drives me absolutely bonkers.  which is why i was so excited to run across the littlest crochet shop.  founder and crocheter extraordinaire, brittany welsh, creates a crocheted wonderland of baby toys, masks and mobiles out of reclaimed, eco-friendly materials.

roman is on a teething rampage right now and just couldn't get enough of the teething ring.  something about the textured knots of fabric that are still soft on his gums, he just went to town.

be sure to take a gander over at the l i t t l e s t  c r o c h e t  s h o p and check out what else they have in store.

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